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Furless Permanent offers the only permanent hair removal that works for all skin & hair types. Electrolysis is the world’s most trusted permanent hair removal method.

Furless Permanent was founded with a rebellious spirit and a mission to rid people of unwanted hair and make the process of hair removal well informed, seamless, and permanent.

In a world inundated with hyped-up quick-fix solutions from razors to waxes and creams to lasers, Furless Permanent aim to make hair removal accessible to all, regardless of gender, skin type, hair color, and body type.

Furless Permanent is at the forefront of hair removal knowledge and technology, creating clear and personalized roadmaps for people who want to look and feel their best, saving them a lifetime of hassle and pain on conventional methods.

What does Furless Permanent Clinic offer to its customers?

Furless Permanent offers fast, effective, and comfortable treatments. More hairs are removed per minute, meaning less time and money spent.

Furless uses the fastest and most advanced equipment than any other equipment available, making it the most comfortable one. This combined with the technique of the therapists, specialized materials makes most hairs never to come back after one treatment.

However, one session is not all you need. Furless sessions remove hairs that are visibly out of the skin, and hairs come out at different times over the span of, in average, eighteen plus months, so several visits will be required to catch and treat all unwanted hair during this period. After all the hairs are caught and treated, they will not grow back and you will enjoy a Furless life, always.

How does electrolysis work?

Localized heat or sodium hydroxide is applied to the root of each hair individually, destroying all sources of hair growth forever, making the hair unable to grow again. Unwanted hairs are removed without resistance during the process.



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