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FitRepublik Fitness Center is not only a fitness gym but a full range state-of-the-art sports facility in the heart of Dubai Sports City.

FitRepublik Fitness Center provides every kind of activity for anyone, any age, who wants to improve. A fitness community of experts and amateurs. FitRepublik is serious about fun: it’s for people of all levels, kids or adults, who want to play hard.

Fitness at FitRepublik is about these things: conquering, feeling good, triumphs, improving, games, sportsmanship, healthy rivalries, dynamism, sharing, endorphins, and laughing.

Activities provided by FitRepublik Fitness Center:

  • Adult and kids activities
  • Aquatics

Swimming is the classic all-round exercise—for anyone who wants to get fit and stay fit. Eight 50-metre lanes make FitRepublik’s Olympic sized pool unrivaled in Dubai. FitRepublik Fitness Center’s outstanding aquatic fitness programs and swimming lessons are designed for professionals, amateurs and newcomers who want to learn how to swim.

  • Gymnastics

FitRepublik Fitness Center has calisthenics and adult gymnastics classes and coaching for all levels, from first-timers to seasoned pros. Adult Gymnastics also complements CrossFit or Martial Arts beautifully.

  • Martial Arts

Martial arts at FitRepublik Dubai for adults combine traditional boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), and kickboxing. Multiple Jiu-Jitsu Champion and former MMA Pro Fighter Alex Nacfur heads up FitRepublik’s martial arts practice, overseeing the development of the program and the progress of the members. FitRepublik Fitness Center has martial arts classes that both men and women enjoy, as well as Kickboxing classes for ladies only!

  • CrossFit Aptior

CrossFit workouts at FitRepublik are a powerful blend of weightlifting, gymnastics and metabolic conditioning elements. The goal of CrossFit Aptior is to prepare anyone for all-around challenges both mentally and physically. Qualified FitRepublik CrossFit gym coaches make the workouts safe, fun and accessible to everyone.

  • Only adults activities
  • Strength & Conditioning

This is a laid-back atmosphere of perseverance and encouragement from FitRepublik’s brilliant staff, who will also help you figure out how to work the fitness machines at strength and conditioning gyms in Dubai. The strength and conditioning programs offered at FitRepublik fitness center is your own route to peak fitness and physique

  • Studio & Group Exercise

With more than 350 classes a week in three spacious studios, our Studio and Group exercise classes provide a huge variety of benefits for the full range of abilities—you just need to find what works for you.



Kids membership

  • ntro to Martial Arts x1 a Week
    د.إ 1,785.00
  • BJJ / Karate / Boxing / Kickboxing / MMA x2 a Week
    د.إ 2,100.00
  • BJJ / Karate / Boxing / Kickboxing / MMA x3 a Week
    د.إ 2,520.00
  • CrossFit Kids x1 a Week
    د.إ 1,785.00
  • CrossFit Kids x2 a Week
    د.إ 2,100.00
  • CrossFit Kids x3 a Week
    د.إ 2,520.00
  • Baby Gymnastics x1 a Week
    د.إ 1,134.00
  • Baby Gymnastics x2 a Week
    د.إ 2,205.00
  • Learn to Swim x1 a Week
    د.إ 1,417.50
  • Learn to Swim x2 a Week
    د.إ 2,100.00

Adult membership

  • Basic - 3 Months
    د.إ 2,415.00
  • Basic - 6 Months
    د.إ 3,675.00
  • Basic - 12 Months
    د.إ 5,040.00
  • Basic +1 - 3 months
    د.إ 2,888.00
  • Basic +1 - 6 months
    د.إ 4,148.00
  • Basic +1 - 12 months
    د.إ 7,350.00
  • Senator - 3 months
    د.إ 3,465.00
  • Senator - 6 months
    د.إ 4,977.00
  • Senator - 12 months
    د.إ 8,820.00



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