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British Neurology Psychiatry Center is committed to offer neurological and psychiatric services to the community of the UAE.

Their goal is to simultaneously maintain the quality of medical care offered to their patients and ensure the enhancement of their services. Their uniqueness is not merely due to use of the latest medical methods and approaches in treatment but also attributed to the exceptional and most extraordinary service that they guarantee to offer with persistence.

The British Neurology Psychiatry Center mainly focuses on three fields:

  • Neurological Services
  • Psychiatric Services
  • Psychological Services

Services provided by The British Neurology Psychiatry Center in Abu Dhabi

Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety disorders are classified as psychiatric conditions that have a negative impact on the patient’s mental well-being. These also deter their ability to function efficiently on a daily basis. Although it is normal for people to experience nervousness and anxiety every now and then, prolonged periods of anxiety indicate the onset of a disorder.

The British Neurology & Psychiatry Center boasts of a team of highly qualified and internationally recognized psychiatrists and psychologists who hold a comprehensive understanding of the troubles faced by a person suffering from anxiety disorders. We understand that this issue requires professional anxiety disorder treatment in Abu Dhabi that is effective and catered to the individual needs of the patient.

Upon visiting their facility, their team of psychologists will conduct a detailed assessment of your medical history and current condition. This is done so as to give them the information required to formulate a comprehensive and customized anxiety treatment plan that individually addresses the symptoms and triggers of the condition. This way, we equip their patients with the ability to regain control of their lives and attain positive mental well-being.

As a dedicated mental health center, we understand that it is vital for their patients to receive effective psychiatric help to alleviate the stress involved with intense episodes of anxiety. To help their patients cope with their triggers and symptoms, their team equips them with tried and tested strategies that are focused on resolving the underlying issues that instigate anxiety.

Insomnia Treatment

Insomnia is a condition characterized by the inability to fall asleep or remain asleep. Depending on how often it occurs and for how long, the condition tends to range from mild to severe. It can be both chronic and acute. Chronic insomnia occurs when an individual faces trouble sleep at least 3 nights a week for over a month. In simple words, insomnia can lead you to getting too little sleep or poor quality sleep, both of which can have harmful effects in the long run.

If insomnia has become a pattern for you, then it is highly recommended for you to seek medical help to treat the condition. At British Neurology and Psychiatry Center, we boast of an outstanding team of insomnia doctors, all of whom have extensive experience in treating this condition.

We understand that compromised quality of sleep can cause a lot of problems in your life. From waking up feeling ill to not being able to focus on the task at hand, it can lead to a range of issues.

The specialized insomnia doctors of British Neurology Psychiatry Center are readily available to help you overcome this problem and enjoy better quality of sleep. When you visit their facility, their experts will acquire information about your condition and perform a detailed examination to find out the underlying causes of your insomnia. We believe that a one size fits all approach is not applicable over all their patients. Hence, the specialists of British Neurology Psychiatry Center form individualized treatment plans as per the current condition of their patients. Once a diagnosis is made, your insomnia specialist in Abu Dhabi will form a tailored treatment plan to ascertain that your condition is effectively treated.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Are abnormal eating habits that can threaten your health or even your life. They include: Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa and Binge eating.

Mood Disorder Treatment

Disturbance in mood. Includes depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders.

Panic Attach Treatment

Intense and sudden fits of fear leading to breath-shortness, numbness and sweating.

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric Services focuses on the delivery of behavioral health services in organized systems, such as public mental health systems, correctional systems, and health maintenance organizations.

Psychological Services

Psychologists provide treatment for depression, anxiety, phobias, panic disorders, eating disorders, stress related problems, relationship problems, and severe mental disorders. Clinical Psychologists provide diagnostic assessment or “testing” services.

Marriage Counseling Services

When you visit British Neurology Psychiatry Center their therapist will acquire detailed information about your current concerns as a couple and the difficulties that both of you are facing. At their facility, you will get to explore and speak up about your feelings in a confidential space without any fears. the marriage therapist will ensure a constructive outcome and offer support without ever being partial between the both of you. We will help you communicate more openly and efficiently with each other, assist you in rebuilding trust, and present detailed information about the reasons why arguments tend to escalate.


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    September 6, 2021 at 4:18 pm

    Best psychiatry center in Abu Dhabi.

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