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Category: Food

THE 10 BEST Shawarma Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Shawarma is a popular Middle Eastern meal that is made from marinated meat, such as lamb, beef, and chicken. It

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THE 10 BEST Vegetarian and Veggie Restaurants in Dubai

With the influx of expats to the UAE, especially Indians over 3.8 million, and with India ranking first in the

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The Top 10 Chinese Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Over the last decade, United Arab Emirates has experienced a Chinese food renaissance. Never before have the country’s offerings been

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The 10 Best Burger Restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Hamburgers are staples on the menus of most places, and an excellent burger can elevate any restaurant into a must-go

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The 10 Best South Indian Restaurants In Dubai

For many people in Dubai, South Indian Restaurants and it’s food is rapidly becoming their favourite — its lightness as

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5 Best Italian Recipes from Emirate’s Favorite Italian Restaurants

Octopus with Potatoes and Baby Green Octopus is perhaps the most tender and succulent ofall shellfish. Its sweet, richflavor is

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